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Ford Escort Cosworth 4x4 crankshaft

Ford Escort Cosworth 4x4 crankshaft

ZRP crankshafts are constructed from 4340 billet precision steel and designed carefully for optimum engine performance.

To ensure the best results, ZRP products feature the following:
- CNC machining for more precise results;
- Multi-stage heat treatment for maximum resistance;
- Nitride process for hardening and heat treatment for superior wear resistance;
- Magna-fluxing for flawless surface finish;
- Shot-peening for improved stress resistance;
- Micro-polishing for longer bearing life;
- Sonic testing and X-raying for a reliable finished product.

ATTENTION: Available only on order for Escort Rs Cosworth:

- stroke 77.00 - 82.00 - 84.00 - 86.00mm
- main journal 56.99mm
- rod journal 51.99mm

All ZRP crankshafts are ready to install.

Code: FOzrpCrankShaft


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