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Here you can find all the news of Retro Ricambi, the last spare parts available for you, offers and more.

New GAZ shocks kit

Gazzmatic International Limited manufacture a very extensive range of adjustable dampers and suspension kits for the road and motorsport market. The units are hand built to the highest standards in our factory in the south east of England.

New silicone hose kit Ford Sierra Escort Cosworth

New silicone hose kit in OE matt balck for Ford Sierra and Escort Rs Cosworth.

Original Morette lights kit

We are very proud to become the official Italian distributor for the Morette lights kit.

Powerflex Heritage Collection

New Powerflex Heritage Collection for new calssic car in gray classic colorfor those who want to keep the car in conditions similar to the originals but with the tecnology of Powerflex polyurethane bushes.


Available all the Powerflex spare part.

Original Ford spare parts

We insert new Ford original spare parts every day for various car models. From mechanical parts to electrical parts, gaskets, brakes, switches, clutch and much more.

Sensors for Ford Escort Cosworth

Retro Ricambi has specific sensor for Escort Cosworth, air charge temperature sensor, water temperature sensor, crankshaft sensor, camshaft sensor, fan temperature switch, water temperature sender.

Filters for Ford Sierra and Escort Cosworth

Retro Ricambi has for you original Ford oil filter, fuel filter, air filter.

Sensors for Ford Sierra Cosworth

Retro Ricambi has the specifics sensors for the Ford Sierra Cosworth 2wd and 4wd, from the coolant temperature sensor to oil pressure switches, from APS to air and crankshaft sensors.