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GAZ shocks absorber kit Ford Sierra RS Cosworth

GAZ shocks absorber kit Ford Sierra RS Cosworth

GAZ suspension kit for all Ford Sierra Rs Cosworth 2wd and 4x4.

Gaz height adjustable kits are primarily made for the modified road car market (On car damping adjustment, Shortened body and stroke lengths to allow a -25 to -65mm ride height adjustment, The units have a coarse acme form thread for ease of adjustment and to minimise corrosion the unit is zinc plated.

Gaz Gold height adjustable kits are a premium range of suspension units designed for tarmac motorsport and the serious track day enthusiast (Front and rear units adjust bump and rebound from a single control knob on the side of the unit, struts and semi struts have 62mm bodies for increased oil capacity, all units have multi lip sealing, all the Gold range are fitted with a gas cell in the outer reservoir and filled with a high viscosity index multi grade oil)

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