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H-beam Connecting rods kit Sierra Rs Cosworth

H-beam Connecting rods kit Sierra Rs Cosworth

H-beam ZRP connecting rods are forged from high-tensile 4340 steel.

ZRP connecting rods are “approved” for over 200 HP per cylinder. ZRP connecting rods should be used exclusively with ARP2000 or ARP8740 series of bolts.

This combination has been tested for over 600 HP (in 4-cylinder engines). For extreme applications we can also offer you ARP Custom Age 625+ series bolts, which are approved for over 250 HP per cylinder.

Ford Sierra Rs Cosworth 2wd and 4wd, H-beam:

- distance center to center 133.50mm (+5mm), weight 457 grams

Available I-Beam conrods kit in standard length or long rods + 5 or +8mm.

Code: FOR003H

Prezzo: 545€

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