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Main bearing set 0.25 Ford Sierra Cosworth

Main bearing set 0.25 Ford Sierra Cosworth

High quality KING RACING 0.25 main bearing set for


The XP series was devoloped to meet the challenges of racing through technologically advanced geometric features and a unique metal structure.

- pMAX Black: this Tri-metal composition was developed to meet the ongoing demand for increased engine bearing load capacity.

- U-Groove: a unique oil groove design with a 90° groove shape increases bearing load capacity by expanding the effective surface area, while keeping oil flow capacity intact.

- Elliptix: is a newly designed hybrid combination of oil slot and oil hole. It improves oil ingress without affecting the bearing's surface.

- RadiaLock: optimal crush height and heat transfer.

- Bull's eye tollerance: perfect clearance in every set.

- Eccentrix: a superior hydrodynamic system.

Code: FOMB0.25


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