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Fuel pressure regulator Ford Sierra Rs Cosworth 2wd

Fuel pressure regulator Ford Sierra Rs Cosworth 2wd

Adaptable to Ford Sierra Cosworth 2wd.

With Malpassi Rising Rate regulator the base pressure variation with the same boost vacuum value, is not "linear" but "progressive". You can enrich as rpm increase while keeping a clean idle. It has been designed to provide a costant fuel pressure under any load (from idle to full throttle) and driving conditions, high-flow delivery and superb pressure control. Ideal for modified street cars/motorsport/racing. Fuel pressure will be stable into system even at engine off.

- 1:1.5 air/fuel rate
- 1 x INLET male connector, direct fitting to the rail (plus two spacers 19 mm for perfect fitting)
- 1 x OUTLET/RETURN 8 mm tail
- 1 x vacuum a/o boost connector, 5 mm tail, on 6x1 mm threaded port
- Base pressure ajustable from 1 to 8 bar (with proper pump)

Code: FO4544


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