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RHS Engine mount Peugeot 106 - Saxo

RHS Engine mount Peugeot 106 - Saxo

Original Vibra-Technics Fast Road RHS engine mount for:

- Peugeot 106 Rally Gti ('96-'04)

- Citroen Saxo 1.6 engine

This is a direct replacement for the original hydraulic mount. Engine movement is reduced in all directions, and the weak 8mm bolt in the original is replaced with a 12mm bolt. The engine bracket will need to be drilled out to 12mm. Instructions are included with the mount.

The rubber-to-metal bonded products are designed specifically for high performance applications where a direct replacement for the standard mount is required along with a much higher level of engine control to cope with higher engine outputs and higher road inputs caused by fast driving.

Vibra-Technics products are manufacturer primarily from natural rubber compounds and occasionally from blends of synthetic and natural rubber to give particular properties for specific applications.

Code: PSA300M

Prezzo: 105€

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