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Facet fuel pump

Facet fuel pump

Original Facet top red fuel pump, high quality for classic and race car with carburetors, low pressure and high flow.
Adaptable to all car with two or more carburetors (for only one it's necessary use a fuel pressure regulators)



- Pressure: 6.0-8.0psi

- Pre-filter inlet union

- Flowrate: 151.6ltr/hr (40 USgals/hr)

- Union thread size: 1/4npt

- Instructions Included

- 2x 8mm 90° Hose Fittings Included

- Prime height: 0.6M

(The pump should be mounted no higher up than 12" from the level of base of the fuel tank)

Compatible with gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, E85, blended alcohol and fuel additives

Code: PB235084

Prezzo: 150,00

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